Buffalo Gals are the UK’s favourite Old Time Country String Band! At the forefront of the current wave of American roots-inspired music, the Gals represent a revival of the old string band tradition in its most vibrant form, with their live shows uniquely punctuated by the stunning and thrillingly syncopated traditional Appalachian step-dance that has become one of their trademarks.

The band revel in the traditional old songs and tunes of Appalachia, early Bluegrass, early Country music, blues and rags, ballads, spirituals, Cajun and gospel, all brought to life with a talent for fresh arrangement. The result is a show that brings praise and applause from aficionados and new-comers alike.

Through the driving energy of banjo and fiddle, soaring harmonies, and syncopated, percussive step-dance, the visual and musical delights of this band, as well as their humour, repartee and rapport with audiences, produce irresistible shows perfect for most music venues and festivals as well as arts centres or more intimate village halls.

Headed by champion Maryland fiddler Kate Lissauer, this group of talented professionals got together in 2001 to share their love of old-time country music, and they have been going strong ever since. Go to ‘the band’ to learn more about all of the Gals – Kate Lissauer, Joff Lowson, Sue Clare, Johnny Whelan, Tim Smith, Sybille Riesen, or listen to some of our music here.

If you would like to know more about Buffalo Gals or Buffalo Gals Stampede – our ten-piece foot percussion variety act, please explore the website, sign up to our newsletter, find us on Face Book and Twitter or just feel free to get in touch!