Buffalo Gals Stampede – the hottest new show on the festival and roots scene-is a dynamic ten-member dance and music act presented by Buffalo Gals and their troupe of FIVE awe-inspiring Appalachian step-dancers.

Tutored and inspired by world-renowned Ira Bernstein and Eileen Carson, these dynamic, endlessly energetic dancers are literally the drum accompaniment to the mountain sounds of the blues, gospel, bluegrass and early country music of the Buffalo Gals.

Come and see five of this country’s best ‘flat-footers’ as they stampede the stage. The driving, rhythmic stepping of these fast, furious high-kickers, alongside traditional ‘hamboning’ body-percussion, is a vibrant and joyous experience that has to be witnessed in person.

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Stampede – The Dancers


Appalachian dance, ‘flatfooting,’ or ‘clogging,’ is at its core an improvised dance style in which the dancers provide a driving rhythmic accompaniment to the music, drumming with their feet. Inspired by world famous step-dancers Ira Bernstein and Eileen Carson, these performers are each soloists in their own right, performing at Sidmouth Folk Week, Towersey Folk Festival and Didmarton Bluegrass Festival to name but a few.

Brought together into one show, the combination is electrifying – fast, furious, foot-stomping, high-kicking, rubber-jointed, percussive dance at its most dynamic.



Jake Jones is a top-notch Appalachian step dancer, and a regular performer on the festival circuit with his sidekick Dan Eccles where they have become renowned for their originality and humour. Jake is a dab hand at longsword, performing with Ryburn 3-Step and Newcastle Kingsmen, and cuts a mean figure as a step-dancing bumblebee.






Dan Eccles is a first rate Appalachian step dancer and stooge to Jake Jones, performing at festivals and events across the UK. Not to be outdone, Dan is also to be seen dancing with Newcastle Kingsmen and Ryburn 3-Step, and makes a surprisingly adept step-dancing panda bear.




Jenny Read is a versatile step-dancer, teacher and choreographer. With a flair for improvisation, and a taste for good music, her fluid stepping springs to life when the Buffalo Gals strike up. Jenny heads up the new Appalachian dance team, Appakella, and has a passion for getting young people involved in traditional dance.





Sara Marshall Rose is an accomplished step dancer, primarily in Appalachian flatfooting but also in a range of other dance styles. She is a key member of Folk-3D, an educative folk arts organization, and has performed in the Sister Act duo across the UK.




Zoe Davies became hooked on Appalachian dance at a young age, when she joined the Firestone Youth Dance Team. She is now an emerging talent on the old-time scene, performing with Appakella and, more recently, joining the Stampede team as our leading dep.